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Uncle Luke's Next Chapter is Here

After a long and controversial journey, Luther Campbell is producing a documentary series about the football program he founded in his hometown that counts Antonio Brown, Devonta Freeman, and many other NFL stars as alums.
Michael Pina
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Remembering Fresh Kid Ice, a Pioneering Asian Rapper

Chris Wong Won broke racial boundaries in hip-hop as a founding member of 2 Live Crew.
Zachary Schwartz
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2 Live Crew's Fresh Kid Ice Is Dead at 53

The co-founder of the pioneering group passed away this morning from an undisclosed medical condition.
Noisey Staff
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How to Take Control of the Office Stereo Without Getting Sacked

Nail it, and you are a god. But get it wrong and you'll be treated like you did a shit in the photocopier.
Angus Harrison

How 2 Live Crew's Fresh Kid Ice Became a Worldwide Sex Symbol

2 Live Crew's founder recounts his rise to fame as one of the first notable Asian rappers in America.
Zachary Schwartz

I Went to Art Basel, and All I Got Were These Lousy Photos

For one magical week every December, the stupidest and shittiest rich people imaginable descend on Florida to get good deals on wildly expensive art pieces. They call this ​Art Basel Miami Beach.
Nick Gazin
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A Brief History of the Government Suppressing Music

First Amendment rights apply to music too.
Paul Blest
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Flo Rida Is Boring. Flo Rida Is Perfect.

Reaching enlightenment through an extremely awkward conversation with Flo Rida.
Drew Millard

Tootsie Rolls, 'Hoochie Mamas,' and Cars That Go Boom: The Story of Miami Bass

Part one of our series on the history of dance music in Florida.
Kat Bein
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If 2 Live Crew's Luther Campbell Could Go Back in Time, He Would Clean Up His Act

“We were the outcasts of the entire music business."
Anna Gaca

Huang's World: Miami, Part 2

Eddie links up with 2 Live Crew rapper Uncle Luke at Club Rolexx in Opa-Locka to taste Luke's pick of the best barbecue in town. Then, they stroll to another one of Luke's hood favorites: the late-night conch truck.
Eddie Huang

Tour the Real Miami Underground with House Gangster Jesse Perez

While you're shirtless at Space, this Jackathon jam master is eating empanadas with apes.
Marcus Barnes