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Today's Weirdest Twitter Beef Involves Ja Rule, 50 Cent, and Pornhub

Ja Rule attempted to smear 50's reputation today during a Twitter tirade. 2003 is back! Also, oh yeah Pornhub got involved.
Lawrence Burney

A Guy Misplaced His Wallet at Reading 2003 and Now There's a Drinking Competition in His Honor

Naturally, we spoke to him about it.
Lauren O'Neill
Holy Shit

Finally! Dizzee Rascal Confirms ‘Boy in Da Corner’ Shows for the UK

Dizzee will be playing the seminal record in full for the first time in the UK in October at a venue TBC.
Daisy Jones
thump exclusive stream

Doorly & Harry Romero Give Erick Morillo's "Dancin" a Monstrous Tech-House Remix

The NYC legend's classic 2003 track will once again set fire to the world's dancefloor with a brand new remix package.
David Garber

Dang, 2003 Was a Long Time Ago, and Chuck Inglish's "2003" Video Captures All of Its Magic

Chuck Inglish just released the best ode to burning CDs and listening to Murphy Lee you'll hear in 2003, 2015, or any year, plus he announced his album release date.
Kyle Kramer

Going on R&R in Good Ol' Qatar

A former US Army sergeant looks back on a lost weekend in 2003 involving a generous Marine major, a belly dancer, and a lot of Jack and Cokes.
Don Gomez

Beats And Rhymes

SHIT THAT RULED IN 2003: Paris came back to the game, dope 80s fashion, facial hair (men only), quitting your major-label A&R job to be a broke-ass writer/musician/actor/bartender, Ludacris, cocaine.
Fritz The Cat