Remembering Cult UK Club Night ChockABlock

Skepta in a Queen’s guard suit and bowler hat? Go on then!
Noisey UK Staff
First Dates

I Took Kate Nash to an East End Pool Club on a First Date

And we mainly spoke about mushrooms, the internet and astrology.
Daisy Jones

The Timeless Wonder of MGMT's 'Oracular Spectacular'

A decade on from neon leggings and slogan vests, their debut album still lives on as a record about letting go, immersing yourself in an experience.
Emily Bootle
This Week in 2007

Looking Back at the Outrageous Reactions to Jamie Lynn Spears's Pregnancy

A budding sitcom star, the younger Spears sister's career was completely derailed after tabloids took her to task.
Mitchell Sunderland
Fandom Week

Being a Britney Spears Stan Means Understanding Your Fave Is Human

What you learn about femininity and sexuality from growing up while Britney did.
Lauren O'Neill
This Week in 2007

How 'TMZ Live' Became America's Guiltiest Pleasure

Ten years ago this week, Harvey Levin debuted the show that would go on to break some of the most infamous celebrity gossip stories.
Mitchell Sunderland
This Week in 2007

Before the Bling Ring, Kirsten Dunst Was Robbed by Alleged Weed Dealers

The "Spider-Man" actress endured many Mary Jane jokes.
Mitchell Sunderland
This Week in 2007

When 'High School Musical 2' Made Theater Kids Cool

Ten years ago this week, a non-sensical television musical about a country club talent show changed teenage theater kids in America forever.
Mitchell Sunderland
This Week in 2007

Spencer Pratt Reflects on His Iconic Feud with Lauren Conrad 10 Years Later

What began as a sex tape rumor snowballed into a reality TV war that dominated pop culture for the next two years.
Mitchell Sunderland

Why the Outsider Pride of M.I.A.'s ‘Kala’ Still Matters 10 Years Later

By lifting "global" sounds and dropping them into a club-friendly context, this album used sonic innovation to try smash down borders.
Simran Hans
This Week in 2007

Honoring Angelina Jolie's Bonkers Suit Against a Perfume Named 'Shiloh'

In one of the strangest lawsuits of 2007, Angelina sued over a perfume that happened to share her daughter's name.
Mitchell Sunderland
This Week in 2007

Remembering the Car Chase that Forever Changed Lindsay Lohan's Career

The summer of 2007 was supposed to launch Lindsay as an edgy, Oscar-bait actress. Instead, she drove 100 miles an hour on the Pacific Coast Highway.
Mitchell Sunderland