How to See What Your Twitter Feed Would Have Looked Like in 2008

Technologist Andy Baio shared a search function that lets you see what everyone you are following today was tweeting 10 years ago.
Kaleigh Rogers
Fashion Film

How 'Political Fashion' Films Predicted 2017 in 2008

SHOWstudio's Nick Knight revisits 2008's prophetic ‘Political Fashion’ video series.
Azura Wannmann
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

How Democrats Learned to Stop Playing Scared on Guns

Over the course of Obama's presidency, the party has gone from ducking the issue to throwing the first punches against the NRA.
Mike Spies and Olivia Li
Old MySpace Profile of The Week

Kesha's MySpace Profile from 2008 is Better Than DJ Khaled's Snapchat

I do not joke when I say it is the Mona Lisa of our Internet's Glory Days.
Emma Garland

We Asked an Expert if Britain Could Ever Collapse Economically Like Greece

If Britain gets as bad as Greece, it would mean the whole system of capitalism is screwed.
Bernard Goyder
The Magic Hour Issue

On the Lam with Bank Robber Enric Duran

In 2008, Enric Duran stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from European banks to start a progressive hacktivist commune. Nathan Schneider traveled to Catalonia to meet the man, who is still on the run from the authorities.
Nathan Schneider
VICE Specials

Ant and Rat Tribes in Beijing

An estimated hundreds of thousands of people in Beijing live in dark and unsafe underground dwellings. VICE Japan took an investigative look into the subterranean living conditions of a new type of entrenched social class existing in China's capital.
VICE Japan

Faisal Islam Has Spent Five Years Watching Europe Collapse

His book, The Default Line: The Inside Story of People, Banks, and Entire Nations on the Edge, documents the 2008 financial crisis and the aftershocks that are still being felt from Greece to the UK.
Yiannis Baboulias