A Colorado Jury Will Need to Decide if the 'Dark Knight' Shooter Is Insane or Simply Evil

In 2012, James Holmes opened fire in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater, killing 12 people. But does he deserve to die?
Josiah Hesse

The Only Fan-Made Star Wars Anime You Need Is Here

Star Wars meets Cowboy Bebop in Paul Michael Johnson's incredible space battle animation, 'TIE Fighter.'
Beckett Mufson

After the 2012 Not-Apocalypse

Leading up to 2012 Robert Bast was warning the planet about the end of the world. Then it didn't happen. So what's life like on the other side of the apocalyspe?
Joseph Gelfer

The Cult Who Kidnaps Christians and Is at War with the Chinese Government

The cult's core belief is that Jesus Christ has been reincarnated as a middle-aged Chinese woman called Lightning Deng who now lives in Chinatown in New York. The cult operates by infiltrating China’s underground churches and integrating themselves...
Matt Shea

Our Mystic Gave Us the Inside Scoop on 2013

The year 2012 didn’t end up being the apocalyptic Mayan bloodbath we all expected. So, since we're going to be dicking around here for a while longer, what can we expect from 2013? To answer this question we called our go-to for all things mystical...
Brad Casey
Kill the Engine

Ten Things That Happened in Skateboarding During 2012

I thought I'd close out 2012 with a list of things that happened in skateboarding this year.
Michael Sieben

Imagining Justin Bieber’s Horrifying Future Parties

If Justin Bieber truly parties like it's 3012, as he sings in his new single, "Beauty and a Beat," then we fear the kind of blood-drenched revelry the boy king of pop might be getting into. Because the world in 3012 is going to be barbaric.
Jarrod Shanahan

Making Friends at Stonehenge for the End of the World

Throughout my time at Stonehenge I met hippies, Norse gods, ancient kings, bygone warriors, conspiracy theorists, senile Druids, schizophrenics, witches, wizards, demons, hackers, viking families, trance-heads, and even a guy who thought he was a...
Matt Shea, Photos: Jake Lewis

The Year in Gifs

We could have summarized the year's stories using words—you know, those collections of symbols that represent ideas—but since it's almost 2013, we should really be communicating only in moving images.
Daniel Stuckey

All the Books I Read in 2012

I hate end-of-the-year best-of lists. They are short-sighted and usually hive-mindish. They feel counter-productive or something, like they are trying to trick you. Instead, here’s a list of everything I read this year, 135 books, in order.
Blake Butler

Tell me About your Bunker

It was 2009 when Simon Young realised the world was going to end. He was living in Tenterfield at the time – an inland beef town some 700 kilometres north of Sydney. “And one night I had this dream that I was driving in the car up in the mountains...
Julian Morgans

A Brooklyn Take On The Asian Night Market

<p>An inside look at some of the interactive artwork at this year&#8217;s Brooklyn Night Bazaar with Art Director Ken Farmer.</p>
Nina Mashurova