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How Worried Should You Be About a Real Life ‘Geostorm?’

The new Gerard Butler movie turns geoengineering into a weapon that wreaks global havoc on the scale of 'The Day After Tomorrow.'
Carl Franzen

Remembering the Night Prince Played for Three Hours in a Small Melbourne Jazz Club

As the world mourns the death of the musical genius, we look back at the time Prince performed a special late night and intimate gig.
Noisey Staff

Let's Talk About Britney Spears' Leaked Grocery Lists

How much can be gleaned by the casual, misspelling-addled, three-year-old shopping lists of the world's biggest pop star? We're here to find out.
Hilary Pollack

Wife of Conservative Ex-Leader of Mexico Says She’s Running for President in 2018

Margarita Zavala's unexpected announcement came one week after a midterm election in which the National Action Party suffered its worst showing at Mexico's polls since 1991.
Daniel Hernandez
Holy Shit

Sean Leon Recruits Wondagurl and River Tiber for "This Ain't 2012"

Canadian music can be awesome sometimes.
Noisey Canada Staff

A Colorado Jury Will Need to Decide if the 'Dark Knight' Shooter Is Insane or Simply Evil

In 2012, James Holmes opened fire in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater, killing 12 people. But does he deserve to die?
Josiah Hesse

The Only Fan-Made Star Wars Anime You Need Is Here

Star Wars meets Cowboy Bebop in Paul Michael Johnson's incredible space battle animation, 'TIE Fighter.'
Beckett Mufson
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1,066 Days After "212," Azealia Banks Releases Her Debut Album, 'Broke with Expensive Taste'

Remember 2012?
Eric Sundermann

After the 2012 Not-Apocalypse

Leading up to 2012 Robert Bast was warning the planet about the end of the world. Then it didn't happen. So what's life like on the other side of the apocalyspe?
Joseph Gelfer

The Cult Who Kidnaps Christians and Is at War with the Chinese Government

The cult's core belief is that Jesus Christ has been reincarnated as a middle-aged Chinese woman called Lightning Deng who now lives in Chinatown in New York. The cult operates by infiltrating China’s underground churches and integrating themselves...
Matt Shea

Our Mystic Gave Us the Inside Scoop on 2013

The year 2012 didn’t end up being the apocalyptic Mayan bloodbath we all expected. So, since we're going to be dicking around here for a while longer, what can we expect from 2013? To answer this question we called our go-to for all things mystical...
Brad Casey
Kill the Engine

Ten Things That Happened in Skateboarding During 2012

I thought I'd close out 2012 with a list of things that happened in skateboarding this year.
Michael Sieben