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Harper Reed, Obama's Former CTO, Says Data Isn't Everything

Motherboard spoke to Reed at The Next Web conference in Amsterdam.
Wester van Gaal
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

Rick Santorum Begins His Slow Slide into Frothy Irrelevance

The sweater-vested theocrat announced Wednesday that he is making a second White House run.
Kevin Lincoln

Mitt Romney Needs to Go on an Apology Tour

Weeks later, the failed candidate should finally account for his wrongdoings, instead of continuing to blame his loss on “gifts” Obama supposedly gave minorities. Isn’t it time for Romney to do something truly drastic and redemptive? I think so. The...
Michael Tracey

What Gifts Did Obama Give His America-Hating Voters?

"I love my president, but I have to be honest, if Romney had come with a delicious thigh that was fried in golden succulent batter, I'd be a Republican. What can I say? I love the bird."
Wilbert L. Cooper

It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Elected

None of the political memes mattered—but they were something to talk about, to share with your like-minded social media buddies, to spread through Tumblr and argue about on political blogs desperate for clicks. Following the gaffes and the spin and the...
Harry Cheadle
Question Of The Day

How Do You Feel Now That the Campaign's Over?

If you’ve been following all that’s been written and said about the men whose names are next to the little bubbles, there is a lot of emotion and thought going into the process of marking up your ballot—doing your infinitesimal part to elect the leader...
VICE Staff

Don’t Kill Yourself if Your Candidate Loses

According to some people, every election is the most important election of all time, every battle is the final battle, the United States of America is always coming to an end. Don't give into this madness.
James Poulos

This Election, Vote for Whatever You Want

In 2008, over 100,000 folks chose to exercise their franchise by picking “none of the above” and writing in votes for Donald Duck, Vermin Supreme, Jesus, and Bill Clinton, among others. Why not join them this time around? After all, being the only...
Harry Cheadle
Pen Pals

Why Can't I Vote?

Who knows what the outcome would be if felons were granted the right to vote? Truth is, we’d probably be too busy smoking rocks, gettin’ money, and fucking fat bitches to even know an election was scheduled. Criminals got better shit to do than waste...
Bert Burykill
Foreign Correspondents

Laurence Haim at the Hofstra Presidential Debate

i-Télé correspondent Laurence Haim hits the second presidential debate in Long Island, voicing her frustrations about the limited access granted to foreign press and looking forward to joining President Obama on the campaign trail. Laurence and her...
Laurence Haim
Question Of The Day

Is It Important to Vote?

Sandy has already halted early voting in several states, and there’s some speculation that Election Day could be pushed back. This raises a question: How important is voting, anyway? Should you worry about voting at a time like this?
VICE Staff

Just How Useless Are the Political Media?

The biases of typical campaign-trail reporters have nothing to do with liking Democrats or hating Republicans. They’re as indifferent to candidates and ideologies as rats are to what kind of cheese they’re eating. Above all, these people obsess over...
Michael Tracey