We Ranked ‘Now That's What I Call Music’ Compilations From Worst to Best

What the actual fuck was going on 1998?


A Strange Tribute to Early Special Effects

Dan Boardman's new work features cutout masks shot in front of negatives, resulting in multiple layers and a vague sense of place and time.


Number of Police Officers Killed While on Duty Nearly Doubles in 2014

More than 50 police officers were murdered while on duty last year, with the vast majority dying from gunshot wounds.


New Footage Released of Jay-Z's Giant Crystal Collaboration with Joanie Lemercier

Return to 'Quartz,' the giant, mirrored structure that Joanie Lemercier and Kyle McDonald installed in Barney's department store windows during their 2014 holiday season.


This Jump-Roping Light Sculpture Never Gets Tired

Rémi Brun's 'Loopy Lou' is the luminous workout instructor we always wanted.


Hear the Year 2014 Through a Data-Driven Sound Sculpture

Last year seemed to fly by, but you can relive every week with HUSH's sculptural infographic instrument.


The Hottest 'Hottest Year Ever' Ever

Five reasons this 'hottest year ever' is worse than the last. Besides just being hotter.


2014 Was an Amazing Year for British Comics

Will 2015 be even better?


​Fuck the Haters, New Year’s Eve Is Awesome

New Year's has a lot of haters. Fuck that. This is the one night of the year when you can be whoever you want to be.


Here Are the Results of the 2014 Noisey Reader Poll

If you're upset with the results, just remember that you voted for this stuff.


The Year in Speculations

Assessing and discussing the top speculations of 2014.


Giants, Zombies, and the Islamic State: Best of 2014 on VICE

VICE host Krishna Andavolu takes a look back at the VICE network's best videos of 2014.