2016 campaign

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders says he didn’t know about sexual harassment allegations among 2016 campaign workers

Still, these accounts have reportedly damaged Sanders’ standing as a progressive champion.
Carter Sherman

FBI Director Comey says he's “mildly nauseous” over accusations that he swayed election

Alex Thompson

Hillary Clinton disses Trump and says she's part of “the resistance” now

Alex Thompson
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Paul Manafort Is Now Registering as a Foreign Agent

The move follows the revelation that Manafort's consulting firm received some payments for lobbying work he did to benefit a pro-Russian political party in Ukraine.
Drew Schwartz
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Trump, Clinton, and Sanders still owe thousands to cities they campaigned in

Lena Jakobsson
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How fact-checkers are dealing with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

"Everybody's on duty on debate night. It's not just our biggest traffic of the year—it's our biggest traffic of four years."
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Even Clinton Conspiracies Can't Stop Donald Trump's Campaign Death Spiral

Hillary may be, in Trump's words, "the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency." But at least she's good at it.
John Surico
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The Nasty Racial Politics of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Both candidates want voters to think America is teetering on the brink of the apocalypse. And it sure feels like we are.
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What Does Bernie Sanders Want Now?

After losing the California and New Jersey primaries, Bernie Sanders is still refusing to quit. But where can he go from here?
Grace Wyler
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Ted Cruz Just Released the First Presidential Campaign Ad of 2020

In a new video, Ted Cruz got emotional about his "regret-free campaign" and all but announced that he's going to run for president again as soon as he possibly can.
Harry Cheadle
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How Donald Trump Celebrated His Victory Over the Republican Party

After a resounding victory in Indiana, the reality-TV star is going to be the GOP's presidential nominee.
Harry Cheadle
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It's Now Pretty Much Impossible for Republicans to Stop Trump

Soon, the only things standing between Donald Trump and the presidency will be God and Hillary Clinton.
John Surico