2016 year in review

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Living Through The NBA Renaissance: David Roth's Weak In Review

In 2016, the NBA cemented its status as both the happiest and healthiest league in professional sports. Basketball has never been more beautiful, or more joyful.
David Roth

The Year Deflategate Finally Died (Probably)

2016 was the year Deflategate finally died. We hope.
Sean Newell

Remembering Jose Fernandez

He lived the best and worst of Cuba and the best and worst of America.
Eric Nusbaum
Anthony Rizzo

Inside The Anthony Rizzo Trade That Kickstarted The Cubs' Historic World Series Run

The men behind one of the most compelling challenge trades of the decade tell the story of how it came together.
Mike Piellucci

The Best American VICE Sports Writing 2016

Here are sixteen of the best stories we published this past year.
VICE Sports

A Legacy of Crisis: Rio After the Olympics

Brazil's big bet on the 2016 Rio Olympics has gone bust, and the country has been plunged further into political and economic crisis.
Aaron Gordon

The Worst Year Ever Was Ronaldo's Best

In pop culture, 2016 was The Worst Year Ever, but in soccer, it was The Year of Ronaldo. Of course, that fits.
Brian Blickenstaff
north carolina

Marcus Paige Hit the Shot of the Year and It Didn’t Matter

Marcus Paige was less than five seconds away from sending the NCAA basketball title game into overtime with an acrobatic three pointer. But it was all for naught.
Patrick Sauer