2017 mlb division previews


The Red Sox Are Poised to Dominate, But the AL East Could Be Close

After a decade-plus of coverage centered on the Red Sox-Yankees axis, the old tropes are all worn out. In 2017, the American League East is up for grabs.


Change Is Coming to the AL Central, from Cleveland to Minnesota

The 2017 MLB season is shaping up to be one of change in the American League Central, starting with the Cleveland Indians, the defending AL champs who are finally all in.


Are the Brewers the Most Interesting Team in the NL Central?

We run through the NL Central, from the dominant Cubs to the ascendant (in 2018ish) Brewers to the very dismal Cincinnati Reds.


How They Got Here: Can an AL West Frontrunner Finally Win a World Series?

The American League West features a tight three-way race at the top. Then...sadness.


How They Got Here: The NL West is Baseball's Most Compelling Division

In 2014, all five teams in the NL West made changes to their front offices, and set on the paths that have led it to become baseball's most interesting division.