2020 Democrats

4 days ago

Tulsi Gabbard’s Stance on Abortion Is Stuck in the ‘90s

The phrase "safe, legal, and rare” only further stigmatizes abortion, experts say.


Why Even Straight People Should Be Watching the LGBTQ Presidential Forum

Warren, Buttigieg, Biden, and the rest of the top candidates will make their case to LGBTQ voters and their allies.


Bernie Sanders’ War With CEOs Making Bank Just Got Real

Sanders new tax plan would punish companies whose chief executive makes 50 times more than the average worker


Sanders and Warren Left Sex Workers Out of Their Criminal Justice Plans

It's a glaring omission from the 2020 frontrunners, advocates say.


Could Tom Steyer Push Impeachment Talk Back Into The Democratic Primary?

“It’s a bit of a bank shot. It’s probably better to just apply the pressure directly if that’s your main goal.”


Yes, Your Rent Is Too Damn High. Here's What 2020 Democrats Want to Do About It.

Where the candidates stand on rent supports, increasing housing supply, and nerdy stuff like zoning.


The Trump Campaign Bought Some of the Internet’s Priciest Real Estate During Tonight’s Debate

“It’s one of the loudest megaphones on the Internet, and he was able to snag that on a night that the spotlight is supposed to be on us.”


Democrats “Don't Give a Shit” if Trump Live-Tweets Their Debate Tonight

The candidates won't have phones on stage — but their campaigns will.


Marianne Williamson: Yes, Trump’s ICE Raids Are Exactly Like Nazi Germany

Another Democrat compares Trump's plan to round up and deport a million undocumented immigrants to WWII.


Run for President and Lose Your House Seat? It Could Happen to These 2020 Candidates

Gabbard, Moulton, Ryan and Swalwell are balancing national aspirations with their own local job security.


2020 Democrats Hate the Hyde Amendment. But They Vote for It Anyway.

“Let me be clear on the Hyde Amendment: I would repeal it tomorrow."


The Dems' First 2020 Debate Field Appears to Be Set. Here's Who Missed the Cut.

A western governor who won in a state Trump carried appears to have missed the cut.