16 hours ago

23andMe Wants Everyone to Get Used to Sharing Their Genetic Data

It's increasingly complicated to untangle the potential for public health advances from a moralistic marketing scheme.

3 days ago

At-Home DNA Testing Kits May Give You Unreliable Health Information

Direct-to-consumer genetic testing companies like 23AndMe and AncestryDNA that try to predict health issues are sometimes downright wrong, according to a new study.


Just Hearing the Results of a DNA Test Can Make Your Body Act Differently

People who were told that they were genetically at risk for poor exercise capacity couldn’t run as long as they could before they were told about their “risk.”


Ancestry genetic tests are making it extremely easy for cops to track all white people

According to a new study, it’s not all that difficult to find someone in the U.S. — even if they've never taken a genetic test.


Spotify Is Using DNA Tests to Curate Playlists, Which Is Pretty Creepy

The streaming service is partnering up with Ancestry to create custom playlists based on your lineage.


23andMe Sold Access to Your DNA Library to Big Pharma, But You Can Opt Out

23andMe customers can opt out of the program, but that misses the point.


Don't Give Your DNA to Giant Genetic Databases

The Golden State Killer case shows that we should protect our DNA sequences as much as possible.


Public DNA Database Cracked the Golden State Killer Case, Police Say

Authorities were led to Joseph James DeAngelo by cross-checking his genetic data on GEDmatch, a free and open-source DNA database.


The Nootropics Community Is Using 23andMe to Match Smart Drugs to Their DNA

There are multiple software options that analyze your genetic data and make recommendations on which supplements you should be taking.


Sometimes Gene Tests Only Lead to More Questions

“In short, there isn’t enough data to know what you are seeing.”


Here's What It Looks Like When a Gene Test Says You're Prone to Alzheimer's

Is 23andMe doing enough to ease the concerns of people who are at risk?


When It Comes to Weightlifting, Genetics Can Do a Lot of the Heavy Lifting

Researchers have isolated a genetic variant that has a strong correlation with success in power sports such as sprinting and weightlifting.