We Visited Murdoc in Jail to Learn about the New Gorillaz Album

Before the band release 'The Now Now' in June, they've shared a video for "Humility"—and lined up a temporary replacement member for Murdoc…


To Play 'Cuphead' Is to Suck at 'Cuphead'

The much anticipated game with a 1930s cartoon art style is as hard as it seems.


Gorillaz Aren't Done With Us Yet, Release New Song "Sleeping Powder"

An extra-groovy outtake from 'Humanz.'


Presenting "The Online Event of the Century": Gorillaz in a Live Fan Q&A

For the first time in history, Murdoc and 2D will be interviewed live on air—and they're going to be accepting your questions from 10AM EST/3PM BST.


Comic Books Mingle with Old Hollywood Glamor in Pop Overlays

Timeless film posters and comic books meet to begin a beautiful friendship.


1,100-Drawing Stop-Motion Captures the Fleeting Nature of Love

A young woman ponders her relationship through interpretative dance in Morgan Gruer's 'Reflections.’


Watch This Hypnotic Projection on a Laser Cut Piece of Wood

Check out Kit Webster's hypnotic, projection-mapped kaleidoscopic wall sculptures.


[Premiere] Boy Meets Alien Girl in This Animated Music Video

A relationship between an alien and a human is cut short in Sam Kogon's 'I Was Always Talking' music video.


[Exclusive] Draw in 3D with the ‘Mental Canvas’ Illustration App

The new app combines traditional illustration with 3D computer-aided design software.


Travel Through an Unraveling of Time in 3D Landscapes and Digital Collage

Physical matter is digitally manipulated in video artist Daniel Crooks’ new work ‘The Subtle Knife’.


'Fallout 1.5: Resurrection' Gives Us the 'Fallout 3' We Always Wanted

Czech modders spent almost a decade making a new chapter in the 'Fallout' universe using assets from Fallout 2.


Alien Liquids Shapeshift in This Nightmarish Music Video

denial.of.service returns with the highly hallucinatory "Take This Pain Away," for experimental black metal/harsh electronics act Crowhurst.