2D art


These Handcrafted Collages Are Hopelessly Lost in Thought

Antique portrait subjects reveal their inner thoughts in øjeRum’s evocative layered works.


In Shadowy Sketches, an Artist Explores the Language of Myths

New York artist Kat Chamberlin takes her graphite compositions to a higher plane.


A Designer’s Calming Illustrations of Daily Life’s Small Pleasures

Designer Jennifer Bouron marries digital prowess with a penchant for handmade craftsmanship.


Piecing Together a Print ‘Visual Creole’ Under the Isolation of the Maine Sky | #50StatesofArt

A careful consideration of cultural lineage fills the lines of Edwige Charlot’s intrepid botanical prints.


Yes, These Botanical Collages Look Like They Are Delightfully ‘Womanspreading’

Pristinely stacked floral collages by Tel Aviv artist, Ayala Tal, encourage love and respect for all genders.


Soothe Those Chaotic Thoughts with a Young Illustrator’s Personal Meditations

Elliana Esquivel turns her anxieties into sharply-drawn illustrations with a subtly inspiring twist.


Women Frolic Free and Fairly Nude in These Saturated Illustrations

Oriane Safré-Proust's blue and red illustrations depict ladies celebrating their sexuality in various states of undress.


Pencil and Crayon Illustrations Celebrate the Small Joys of Everyday Life

A Korean artist illustrates from the heart in her visual diary of daily life.


Colored Tape on Glass Makes Matisse-Inspired Minimalist Illustrations

In Joshua Tree, California, artist Eric Petersen is turning digital artworks into handmade translucent illustrations.


Massive Spray Paintings Turn Tagger Tools into Fine Art Ammo

Katharina Grosse's energetic paintings owe the tagger's aerosol bottle for its unique textures.


Clean Lines Reign Supreme in this Painter’s Appealing Artworks

Artist Mark Bradley-Shoup flattens the American landscape with a few slashes of an x-acto blade.


Classic Fables Get a Colorful Twist in Caitlin McDonagh’s Illustrations

These gilded illustrations tell us about a playful and surreal world.