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We Almost Got a '30 Rock' Spinoff About Jack Donaghy Becoming Mayor

But Alec Baldwin wasn't into it, apparently.
River Donaghey
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Relive Your Favorite '30 Rock' Moments with This Huge Prop Auction

Just about the only thing you can't buy is a porno video game.
Nicole Clark
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Don't Worry, You'll Still Be Able to Stream '30 Rock'

No need to dust off the DVD player just yet.
Lauren Messman
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Chance the Rapper Was Perfect on SNL Last Night

He played “Same Drugs” with Francis and the Lights and “Finish Line/Drown” with Noname.
Alex Robert Ross

Sex People of the World Need to Unite and Make the Term ‘Sex Person’ a Thing

I have no filter and I know few boundaries. I am a Sex Person. Recognize.
Elianna Lev

I Don't Watch Any Comedy—Why Does That Make Me an Imbecile?

I'd rather watch a pigeon pooping into a dude's mouth for seven seconds than an episode of "The Office."
David Whelan
Inside Schilling

Five Ways to Save Alec Baldwin's Career

Alec Baldwin is threatening to quit show business after getting caught using a homophobic slur. With his MSNBC show put on hiatus, all he's got left is begging for a 30 Rock spinoff or shocking the world by dating a guy to save his reputation.
Dave Schilling

Let's All Stop Complaining About High School

“Peaked in high school” is a sound concept: a lot of people do. (A lot, a lot, a lot.) The adult lives of many high school mob bosses are just sad as all fuck, not sad like “I’m judging you for your social affiliations and entertainment choices” sad...
Kate Carraway