360 degree video


Take a Trip to the Mountains of Switzerland with This 360˚ Timelapse Video

Christian Mülhauser shot a total of 55,000 photographs of central and western Switzerland for his latest immersive timelapse project.


Enter a Futuristic Utopia in D∆WN’s New 360° Video

D∆WN and VR artist Sander Sneek envision a digital domain where people move beyond color, gender or creed.


Virtually Climb a Giant California Redwood in This 360° Video

Tree-climbing specialist Tim Kovar takes viewers on a 360° ascent up a 200-foot redwood named Grandfather.


How to Make a Centripetal 360° Camera

Swiss freeskier Nicolas Vuignier explains the the two-year process of tinkering with the Centriphone in a new behind-the-scenes video.


The 'Centriphone' Makes Slow-Motion 360° Video with Nothing But String

Skier and videographer Nicolas Vuignier shows off a cheap but tricky way to make 360 degree videos.


Time Loops Through Trippy Portals in 360° Video

Mathematician and artist Henry Segerman makes time fold in on itself in a spherical droste video.


A Rube Goldberg Machine Reveals the Secret to Virtual Reality

You'll want to take notes.