3D art


Andreas Wannerstedt’s ‘Oddly Satisfying’ Animations Are Internet Gold

We can’t stop watching these.
Peter Slattery
Women in Net Art

Cyber Punk Satyr Girls Guard This Artist's Kawaii Universe

They're 100% synthetic and totally fierce.
Nicole Ruggiero
Women in Net Art

Beautiful Monster Girls Terrorize an Artist's Sexy, Sci-Fi Universe

No men allowed.
Nicole Ruggiero
Women in Net Art

This Artist Fills the Internet with Pastel Cyborgs and Twerking Aliens

Josefin Jonsson, a.k.a. @pastelae, invites us into her girly-gritty cyberpunk world.
Nicole Ruggiero
Women in Net Art

The 'Opalslut Universe' Is a Utopian World Full of NSFW Selfies

Each week, VICE is spotlighting a different female net artist. First up: Janice Prempeh, aka @opalslutuniverse.
Nicole Ruggiero

This Apocalyptic Architecture Investigates Invisible Military Control

Asad Ullah Khan blends architecture with narrative to create new worlds.
Catherine Chapman

This Amethyst Encrusted CGI Sculpture Is a Relic From an Imagined Past

Alexia Rubod's mystical figure is reminiscent of ancient relics.
Francesca Capossela
short film

A Spinning Digital World Is Filled with Modern-Day Terracotta Soldiers

The music video "On My Way" is a trippy journey through a never-ending digital design abyss.
Diana Shi
felt zine

FELT Zine Finally Published Their First Print Issue

If you're in the New York area, you can pick up your copy today at FELT’s SuperHD exhibition at the Superchief Gallery.
Nathaniel Ainley
felt zine

Serene Beach Scenes from a Drum & Bass DJ-Turned-Artist

somenerv’s glossy 3D renderings come right in time for summer.
Nathaniel Ainley
music video

[Premiere] Slippy Humans Vomit Neon in Ricky Eat Acid's New Music Video

Digital artist Crash Override went to work on the visuals for Ricky Eat Acid's new single, "Nice To See You."
Nathaniel Ainley
CGI art

Humanoid Machines Live in Harmony with Nature in These CG Artworks

Digital artist Marcus Conge shows cybernetic beings as part of nature, not apart from it.
DJ Pangburn