3d models


See a Huge Pen Cap Dissolve to Pixels Before Your Eyes

These bit-block installations imagine a 3D world.


Inside the Steam Marketplace's Indie Haberdashery

Custom-designed weapon and character skins rely on more than savvy 3D art skills.


Rare Globes From the 1600s Are Being Digitized So You Can Spin Them Online

Restoring an under-utilised resource to its glory days


Surreal Sculptures and Prints Subvert Copyrighted Files

Matthew Plummer-Fernandez disguises copyrighted files inside remixed sculptures and image files in ‘Hard Copy.’


These 18th Century Native Tools Are Being 3D Scanned, Printed and Used Again

Artist Tania Larsson used modern replication techniques to recreate traditional animal hide tanning artifacts in the Smithsonian's collection.


Tour an Insanely Photorealistic Computer-Generated Paris Apartment

Benoît Dereau generates a chic, modern flat using 'Unreal Engine 4.'


A 3D-Printed Mega "Mini World" Is Heading To New York

"Gulliver's Travels" is getting recreated as a 40,000-square-foot, miniature metropolis.


Artist Ivana Basic Built A Perfect 3D Avatar Of Herself

Meet Ivana Basic®, the boundary-pushing 3D model created from real images of the artist's body.