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Elon Musk Has 'No Idea' How to Smoke Weed, Says Elon Musk

"I don’t know how to smoke anything, honestly."
River Donaghey

Trump Should Be Scared of Stormy Daniels

Her "60 Minutes" interview demonstrates how media-savvy the porn star is, and that should worry the president.
Harry Cheadle
Desus & Mero

Donald Trump Is Feuding with Oprah Now

It looks like the "Oprah 2020" chants have officially gotten under his skin.
Sarah Bellman
Can't Handle the Truth

Fake News Is Winning

Politicians and the establishment mainstream media are fighting back against hoaxes and lies, but it's not working.
Mike Pearl

Desus and Mero Discuss Trump's Limp '60 Minutes' Interview

The VICELAND hosts said Trump responded to the country's hate crimes the same way people scold a dog for peeing on a rug.
Sarah Bellman

No One's Emails Are Safe, Says CIA Director Who Got Hacked

John Brennan, who used an ancient AOL email account, thinks nobody’s emails are safe.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Beam Us Up! Watch a Clip of the 'Star Wars' Score Being Recorded

Hey Star Heads! Watch a '60 Minutes' segment on J.J. Abrams, with footage of John Williams in the studio.
Kyle Kramer
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Watch '60 Minutes' Go Behind the Scenes of 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

There are still a few new Star Wars-related tidbits floating around that will both appease that fanboy bloodlust without wholly ruining the film before you see it, and this is one of them.
River Donaghey

Small Drones Are a Bigger Privacy Threat Than the NSA, Says Senate Intel Chair

"60 Minutes" hears about Dianne Feinstein's encounter with a toy helicopter but misses half of the drone story.
Motherboard Blog

Why We Should Ship Our Electronic "Waste" to China and Africa

About ten years ago, a small non-governmental organization in Seattle took film of a primitive looking scrap operation in Guiyu, China.
Robin Ingenthron