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Today's Special: Cops Broke into a Home and Smashed a Child's Birthday Cake for No Reason

Plus, The French Laundry served porcini mushroom soup out of a bong.
Jelisa Castrodale
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The 7-Eleven raids were a scare tactic for Trump's amped-up immigration enforcement

The message? This is going to start happening a lot more often.
David Noriega
7 Eleven

Mother and Daughter Fend Off Carjackers with Cup of 7-Eleven Hot Chocolate

The suspects remain at large.
Mayukh Sen

Building a Better Cash Register: The Evolution of Retail Technology

Point-of-sale systems dramatically modernized supply chains and allowed consumers to go cashless, but they were not without their learning curves.
Ernie Smith

Ambulance Stolen from Hospital, Found at Nearby 7-Eleven on Free Slurpee Day

Coincidence? We think not.
Nick Rose
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Someone Blew Up a 7-Eleven Microwave Trying to Warm Urine

Police think the culprit was trying to heat up some clean pee to pass a drug test at work.
River Donaghey

Dude Goes on $700 Rampage Over Bag of M&M's

Hell hath no fury like an M&M-lover scorned.
Alex Swerdloff

Everything We Know So Far About 7-Eleven Australia’s Wage Fraud Scandal

Franchisees were paying employees well below minimum wage, blackmailing them to work double shifts, and threatening to report foreign workers to immigration if they spoke out.
Wendy Syfret

7-Eleven Is a National Treasure in Korea

Stumbling into a 7-Eleven in Seoul, heat-stroked and desperate for a VitaminWater, I almost have a heart attack. What is this cheerful, bursting-with-anime paradise?
Dakota Kim

Why Residents of Mexico City Are Organizing Themselves Against Parking Meters

Drivers flying into a rage upon being ticketed are scenes of daily life in Mexico City, but some residents are banding together to fight what they call a corrupt and opaque program that is only whitewashing certain neighborhoods.
Julie Morse
Girl Writer

My Anxiety Is Making Me Nervous

I told myself at an early age that it was OK for me to carry around the constant worry and never-ending feelings of fear. I was wrong.
Alison Stevenson