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‘Super CLASH Bros’ Is the Fan-Made, 16-Bit Version of ‘Super Smash Bros.’

Old school Mario, Link, and Sonic kick each other's ass.
Jason Johnson

Futuristic Landscapes Get a Retro Look, Thanks to Pixel Art

Russian artist Waneella takes you to the new megalopolis.
Masha (Maria) Koblyakova

Fight with History's Greatest Scientists in an 8-Bit Game

Great science scholars of history become deadly action heroes in 'Science Kombat.'
The Creators Project
VICE vs Video games

I’ll Never Love a Console Like I Loved the Sega Master System

A love letter to Sega's great 8-bit machine.
Jonathan Beach
VICE vs Video games

Music Made on Game Boys Is a Much Bigger Deal Than You'd Think

Chiptune is a musical genre inspired by bleepy video game music from the 1980s. If that sounds scary and confusing and troublesome, don't worry: We've got a guide to help you understand.
Niamh Houston

Smells Like 8-Bit: Your Favorite Grunge Just Went Chiptune

In "8-Bit Grunge," Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam go 8-bit. This is like Rock Band in the arcade age.
Zach Sokol
Motherboard Blog

Greenpeace Made an 8-Bit Game Called 'Shark Vs. Mermaid Death Squad'

It's Greenpeace and Pac Man Vs. Safeway and the industrial fishing operations of the world.
Brian Merchant
Motherboard Blog

A Prog Rock Album You Can Plant

Comprised of former members of legendary chiptune prog-rock ensemble Chromelodeon, Philadelphia supergroup "Cheap Dinosaurs":http://filefreakout.com/cheapdinosaurs needs no introduction to those familiar with the videogame remix scene of the early...
Janus Rose
Motherboard Blog

Next Best Thing to Being at Blip Festival 2011: 3D Photos From It

We had so much fun at this year's "Blip Festival". At some point we ran into Jimmy from Mister GIF, who was using his fancy 3D camera to capture the festivities with stereoscopic flair.
Janus Rose
Motherboard Blog

Dreaming Infinity: Starscream's Soaring Space Anthems Will Get the Space Shuttle Endeavour Off The Ground

More than a week after it was scheduled to embark on its final mission, the Space Shuttle Endeavour remains silent on its launch pad, grounded due to increasingly perplexing complications with the shuttle's power supply. The new prospective date is May...
Janus Rose
Motherboard Blog

NYC Is Celebrating 5 Years of Live Chip Music, According to This Apple II Disk Flyer

It was a half-serious (and likely half-sober) conversation between curator Peter Swimm and chiptune artist Josh Davis in 2006 that spawned "Pulsewave":http://pulsewave.org, New York City's monthly concert series for the microprocessor-based electronic...
Janus Rose