98 Degrees


'Backstreet Boys' Is The Greatest Boy Band Album of All Time

No arguments, please!!!!!


Nothing Is Going to Save Us: Listen to the Theme Song for Dead 7 Featuring Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC

The official promotional song for DEAD 7 shows off the vocal capabilities of our favorite 90s boy groups.


Big Businesses and Nick Lachey Are Trying to Dominate Ohio's Future Legal Weed Industry

Ohio will vote Tuesday on a ballot initiative that would end marijuana prohibition, but create a monopoly on the legal weed industry in the state.


WTF: (Tenuous) Halloween Album Cover Style Special

So we could have picked out some of the best Halloween-themed album art, but that would be too straightforward…


Did You Know 98 Degrees Have a New Song about How Their Penises are Microphones?

Nick Lachey picks up the phone, pausing briefly as a wispy, nostalgic memory of Jessica transports him momentarily back to a more innocent time, and calls up those other dudes who were also in the band. “Dudes,” he says, “We totally need to get the band b