Broken Windows policing


The Most Powerful Cop in America Is Resigning

Bill Bratton, the biggest name in American policing who's known for controversial "Broken Windows" tactics, is heading back to the private sector.


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On the anniversary of one of the most notorious police killings in recent memory, Eric Garner's family looks back at a year of grief and activism.


How Does the Ferguson Police Department Compare to the NYPD?

When I read the Justice Department report on the police in Ferguson, I literally shook my head twice to make sure that the authors were describing Missouri cops and not the New York Police Department.


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Crime rates are low and the new mayor is an outspoken progressive, so why is the NYPD going after graffiti artists like it's 1994?


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I spent a day with a guy who traffics "loosies" in Staten Island.


Exclusive Video: Did the NYPD Really Need to Pepper-Spray a Guy Waiting for the Train?

The latest casualty of New York City's controversial policing scheme, which critics say targets people of color for victimless crimes, was a young man waiting for the subway in Brooklyn.


Detroit's New Policing Strategy Is Stop-And-Frisk on a Massive Scale

Since 2003, Detroit's police department had been under the federal oversight of the US Department of Justice, and shaking its bad rap had been difficult.


Detroit's New Policing Strategy Is Stop-And-Frisk on a Massive Scale

The Detroit Police Department has come a long way since the days when its cops were the deadliest in America. But the DPD's "broken windows" tactics are just excessive force in another form.


Why People of Color in New York City Still Don't Trust the Cops

Broken Windows policing targets racial minorities.


NYPD's 'Broken Windows' Policing Is the Same Old Stop-and-Frisk

NYPD's "Broken Windows" philosophy has the same effect as stop-and-frisk policy — the disproportionate targeting of blacks and Latinos.