Goth Didn't Die, It's Always Been Dead

Brazilian goths talk to us about representation, style, and cemeteries.
Marie Declercq
nature art

Your Corpse Could Become a Tree With Egg-Shaped Coffins Made of Seeds

What tree would you like to be buried beneath?
Becky Chung

Photos of the People Who Work in London's Graveyards

A selection of new work from photographer Jess Cole.
Jess Kohl

The Greeks Who Picnic on the Graves of Their Loved Ones

On the first Sunday after Easter, the living gather at the cemetery in the village of Rizana for a traditional lunch with the dead.
Kostas Koukoumakas, Photos: Alexandros Avramidis

You Will Live Forever in Our Hearts: Photos From a Pet Cemetery

One of the oldest animal burial grounds on the West Coast, the Los Angeles Pet Cemetery is filled with nearly a century's worth of dead pets.
Megan Koester
Post Mortem

Gravestones from the Past Were Way Cooler Than They Are Today

Headstones today are as boring and lifeless as the bodies that lie beneath. But in the past, headstones were a way to show the person's personality with quotes, miniature sculptures, and elaborate artwork.
Simon Davis
Post Mortem

This Is What Happens to Unclaimed Bodies in Washington, DC

Unclaimed bodies are supposed to be buried in marked graves with proper identification, but most end up in mass burial sites, without identification, beside heaps of trash.
Simon Davis
Post Mortem

The Graves of the Rich and Famous in Los Angeles Will Make Your Apartment Look Pathetic

If you've got the dough, you can be buried among the Hollywood elite in luxury cemeteries so extravagant that they attract graveyard tourists.
Simon Davis

The Kids Who Live and Work in Indonesian Graveyards

Riski is seven years old and spends nearly all his time in Pondok Kelapa Public Cemetery, where he's a sort of funeral director, gravedigger, and night watchman.
Dennis Destryawan

There Was a 'Breaking Bad' Finale Party in a Hollywood Cemetery Last Night

For a show that has put a decent amount of characters in the ground, screening the last episode of <i>Breaking Bad</i> in a graveyard came across as one last dark joke. We came not only to bury Walter White, but also to praise him.
Megan Lent

Weirdo Club

It's a normal night in the cemetery until the unholy fermented ichor comes out and things get weird.
Sean Aaberg