E3 2015


Six Suggestions for Ensuring ‘Dark Souls III’ Is a Series Best

The first Dark Souls sequel was a minor letdown, so please, Miyazaki: Don't screw this one up.


Robotic to the 'ReCore': An Interview with Mega Man Creator Keiji Inafune

The Japanese game designer tells us about 'ReCore,' 'Mighty No. 9,' his Capcom past, and his love for robots.


Welcome Back, Commander: A Conversation with Firaxis About ‘XCOM 2’

Turn-based strategy has never been so hyped, so here's the lowdown on what to expect from the upcoming sci-fi tactical shooter.


A Rare Event: Talking ‘Yooka-Laylee’ with the Team at Playtonic

We go behind the scenes of the Kickstarter record-breaker bringing platforming magic back to gaming.


Mobile Gaming Made a Splash at E3, and It's Only Going to Get Bigger

Gaming publishers are getting serious about iPhone and Android players.


VICE Gaming at E3 2015: Who 'Won' What, and Why

From Microsoft's HoloLens to the "Final Fantasy VII" remake, here's a list of the shiniest things we saw at the gaming expo.


Sony Used a Weird Dating Sim to Demo Its VR Headset

Immerse yourself in teen life.


The ‘Federation Force’ Furor: On Metroid, Mistrust, and the Entitlement of the Modern Video Game ‘Fan’

These fans don't want new things, they want old games with bigger worlds, shinier graphics, and more hours of content.


Cold Beer, BBQ, and Indie Brilliance: How Devolver Digital Won E3, Again

The best new indie titles at the gaming convention were on display in a Hooters parking lot.


Yes, 'Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain' Will Have Microtransactions

... but, chill, the series isn't going the way of 'Candy Crush Saga.'


Hold the ‘Shenmue 3’ Hype, Weren’t the Earlier Games Kinda Bad?

The reveal of "Shenmue 3" turned men into runny-eyed babies—but don't they remember how bad these games could be?


The Best Games of E3 2015 That You Might Have Missed

It's not all mega-budget blockbusters at E3, y'know, so here are just some of the smaller gems that have piqued our attentions.