English Defence League


English Right Wingers Tried to Confront Russell Brand in Newcastle

They crashed a book group meeting to discuss Brand's "Revolution," but the leftist celebrity wasn't there, so they just caused a scene and left.
Joel Golby

English Islamophobes Held an Angry, Drunken Protest Over the Weekend

After the by-now-familiar shouting of slogans and making of speeches, about ten members of the English Defence League got arrested.
Nathan Cleary

Fascists Fought Each Other in England on Saturday

An English Defence League protest that was meant to draw attention to a local child abuse scandal degenerated, to no one's great surprise, into an sectarian brawl between groups of racists.
Simon Childs

English Bigots Spend Their Weekends Harassing Muslims

Britain First, whose members like to see themselves as the elite of the English far-right, are on the prowl for Muslim invaders.
Si Cunningham

The March for England Turned into an Ugly Shouting Match Between Fascists and Antifascists

And a couple of our reporters got caught in the middle.
Simon Childs

Moronic English Fascists Marched on Parliament in London

Since Lee Rigby's murder in Woolwich last Wednesday, there has been a surge in Islamophobia in the UK. The English Defence League—long-time opponents of Islam—have attempted to capitalize on this by organizing a series of marches and demonstrations...
Simon Childs

Murderous Fanatics and EDL Idiots Brought Darkness to Woolwich, London Yesterday

Yesterday afternoon in Woolwich, South London, two men ran over a soldier from the local army barracks, before getting out of their car and hacking at his body with machetes, while shouting "Allahu Akbar!" We spent the day there trying to make sense of...
Simon Childs and Alon Aviram

Walthamstow, Where Fascists Go to Die

Watching the English Defence League grunt their last in East London.
Simon Childs, Photos and Video: Henry Langston

The EDL Want "Paedo Muslims" off England's Streets

But they didn't mention the paedo atheists at the mini-riot in Manchester last night.
Henry Langston
The Stardust & Moonbeams Issue

Thirsty And Miserable

The English Defence League (EDL for short, and yes, they spell defense "defence"over there) is an organization made up of football enthusiasts and irritable sorts who march across the UK protesting against Islam.
Henry Langston