Man Who Leaked Jennifer Lawrence's Nudes Sentenced to 8 Months in Prison

George Garofano was sentenced to eight months in prison after pleading guilty for computer hacking that resulted in "The Fappening," which leaked intimate photos of actresses including Jennifer Lawrence and Scarlett Johansson.
Zing Tsjeng

Why the 'Fappening' Keeps Happening

More hacked celebrity nudes have been released, which says a lot about the people posting and consuming them.
Roisin Kiberd
revenge porn

Rose McGowan Is Not Standing Down After Nude Photo and Sex Tape Leak

Following a recent private photo leak, the actress turned director plans to fight back against the alleged perpetrators of revenge porn. "Hey little hacker boys, Mama is coming and she hits hard," she tweeted.
Kimberly Lawson

'Our Society's Deep Sexual Dysfunction': Why It's So Hard to Stop Revenge Porn

Shortly after a revenge porn scandal rocked the Marines, reports surfaced that hackers had stolen and posted private images from female celebrities—exactly one year after a man was charged for the exact same thing. Why is it so hard to deter depraved...
Jessica Meiselman

14 Important Battles Won by Women in 2014

You thought the last 12 months was just a plague of misogynist assholes? Think again.
Eleanor Morgan

Why Did Photos of a Strangled Woman Appear on 4Chan Before Her Body Was Found?

An anonymous internet denizen posted an eerily prescient message along with graphic images of the victim with red strangulation marks around her neck.
Kristen Yoonsoo Kim
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California Officers Steal Suspects' Nude Photos as a 'Game'

At the very least, these invasions of privacy cannot be dismissed as legitimate police activity. At worst, they suggest cops can be just as creepy as the internet denizens behind the Fappening.
Lucy Steigerwald

Reddit Is Less of a Lawless Free-for-All Than It Thinks It Is

Taking down illegal or objectionable subreddits doesn't make Reddit any less of a bastion of free speech, but it does make it less horrible than it was before.
Allegra Ringo

Charities Don't Want These Redditors' Cum-Stained Money

A group of Redditors wants to donate to charity in honor of Jennifer Lawrence's boobs, but charities won't necessarily accept every soggy wad of cash you throw at them.
Allegra Ringo

The Fappening Has Revealed a New Type of Pervert

Our appetite for pornographic trespass is no longer for accidentally bared skin, but accidentally bared humanity. We want to know the setting the woman is in, the story behind each shot.
Roisin Kiberd