No One Survives a School Shooting Without Scars

The physically uninjured need resources, too.

Lisa Hamp

Recovery After a School Shooting Isn't a Race, It's a Marathon

It's an ongoing process that doesn't get easier.

Zachary David Cartaya

Ten Years After Virginia Tech, the Momentum Feels Different

The Parkland kids are representing the common interest of the American people, and I think that’s why it’s sort of a watershed moment.

Jeff Twigg

Parkland Happened on the Tenth Anniversary of My Own School's Shooting

Nothing has changed.

Patrick Korellis

The Worst Part of Surviving a School Shooting Was Waiting to Die

When you're in lockdown, you can feel profoundly helpless.

Joshua Friedlein

These School Shooting Survivors Have Something to Say

VICE commissioned 15 essays from people who have survived school shootings over the past 30 years.

Jonathan Smith

How Survivors of Shootings Help Other Survivors

They understood why I didn't like balloons or felt uneasy in grocery stores or other places that didn't allow me to clearly plot an exit.

Heather Martin

The Mass Shooter at My School Only Stopped Because His Gun Jammed

We assumed it was a hunter because, well, it was 1992 and school shootings were not a part of our collective consciousness.

Anne Thalheimer

My Students and I Escaped a School Shooter By Just Minutes

I remember standing outside dumbly, wondering why no one else was running.

Megan Doney

I Was Hit by a Ricochet Bullet in High School

It was only after I was outside that I noticed I had been hit.

Rachel Gruenwald

This Is What Happens After Your School Shooting

You dread telling people where you're from.

Kelly Terifay

I Jumped Out a Window to Escape the Gunman at Virginia Tech

I'm scared of heights, so when I got to the window and looked down I just thought, 'Holy cow. This is not my cup of tea.'

Alec Calhoun