A Song of Ice and Fire

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Why 'Game of Thrones' Lost Its Magic

Where will all the clicks go now that it's over?
Ricardo Contreras
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Don't Worry, HBO Is Already Gearing Up for 'Game of Thrones' Spinoffs

HBO is having "preliminary ongoing talks" with the author about how to do a prequel or spinoff once the show finishes its run.
Lincoln Michel

How Stephen King Made Pop Culture Weird

The prolific author, who just turned 69, is responsible for making your movies and TV shows eerie and your books bizarre.
Lincoln Michel
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​Euron Greyjoy Is the Donald Trump of ‘Game of Thrones’

A new chapter from George R. R. Martin's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' features the trash-talking, dick-referencing outsider who wants to Make the Iron Islands Great Again.
Lincoln Michel
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George R. R. Martin Is the Only Novelist the Internet Cares About

The 'Game of Thrones' creator just released a new chapter from 'Winds of Winter' on his LiveJournal, because he still uses that.
Lincoln Michel
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The New 'Game of Thrones' Video Game Finally Gets It Right

All previous attempts at a "GoT" game have been terrible, but Telltale's "Iron from Ice" is where that dismal streak ends.
Mike Diver
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LeBron James Is Returning to Cleveland

LeBron James made Decision 2.0, and let's just say that Dwyane Wade didn't take it so well. Also, Tyra Banks predicts the future of robots, and George R. R. Martin wants you to go fuck yourself.
Dave Schilling