'Atheist,' Today's Comic by Leslie Stein

As Leslie grapples with her belief in god, she learns lessons about friendship and religion.
Leslie Stein

We Asked People Why They Got Sober

“I reached a point where I realized that I had stopped having any hopes, dreams, or goals.”
Graham Isador
Sobriety Check

People with Addiction Are Sweating to Stay Sober

A new wave of nonprofits are tapping into the healing potential of fitness.
Dan McCarthy

The Atheist in AA Fighting to Get 'God' Taken Out of the 12 Steps

Last year, Lawrence Knight took Alcoholics Anonymous to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal to take a stand against how non-believers have traditionally been treated in AA.
Ryan Moore
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A Reverend Is Trying to Confront Racism by Treating It Like an Addiction

At Reverend Ron Buford's "Racists Anonymous" meetings, he encourages people to talk frankly about everything from African American names to Asian driver tropes.
VICE Staff
thump news

Baauer Releases New Single "Temple" Featuring M.I.A. and G-Dragon

The producer shares yet another addictive song from his upcoming debut album 'Aa.'
Benjamin Boles
Holy Shit

Pusha T and Future Square Off on the Absurdly Named Baauer Track "Kung Fu"

"Welcome to the wide world of snort" - Pusha T
Jabbari Weekes

The Broadly Guide to Sobriety

From falling in the pool at your office party to completing the unofficial 13th step, here's your guide to kicking the habit.
Natasha Vargas-Cooper, Sophie Saint Thomas, and Mitchell Sunderland

The Expensive, Unregulated World of Sobriety Coaching

Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is the latest celebrity to hire someone to keep them sober, but many experts don't think that sort of coaches are necessary.
Jake Kivanc

Recovering Addicts Talk About the Struggle to Avoid Relapsing During the Holidays

We spoke to three people in various stages and methods of recovery to talk about how they relapsed during Thanksgiving and Christmas, and how they plan to make it through this year.
Sophie Saint Thomas

How I Broke Up with Booze in One of the Drunkest Regions of Canada

Waking up beside a stranger with no memory of why I was naked, losing wallets and friends on the regular. Blacking out at a prof's house. None of this struck me as a big deal at the time.
Julia Wright

In the Race to Regulate E-Cigarettes, Smokers May Be Forgotten

While there are serious, unanswered questions about the health risks of e-cigarettes, critics warn that overly strict regulations may discourage cigarette smokers from making the switch from the more dangerous product.
Jake Bleiberg