Aaron Swartz


Aaron Swartz and 21st-Century Martyrdom

Brian Knappenberger's documentary <i>The Internet's Own Boy</i> speaks to Aaron Swartz's martyrdom and a deep strain of malevolence in American culture.
Matt Stoller

The VICE Podcast - The Life and Legacy of Aaron Swartz

Reihan Salam sits down with filmmaker Brian Knappenberger upon the release of his new film, <i>The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz</i>, for an in-depth conversation with Knappenberger about who Aaron Swartz was, what he did, the legal...
VICE Staff

A Harvard Professor Is Crowdfunding a Super PAC to Save Democracy from Money

Larry Lessig is trying to raise $12 million in order to win some elections and prove that radical campaign finance reform is possible and necessary.
Matt Taylor

The Reuters Journalist Who Played with Anonymous and Got Burned

The internet is collectively freaking out over Matthew Keys, the Reuters deputy social media editor, who is facing 25 years in jail for very unclear tech-crime charges. His alleged ties with Anonymous have gotten him in a lot of trouble, but is a...
Patrick McGuire

Aaron Swartz and Bradley Manning: How the US Government Contains Those Who Would Free Information

Swartz and Manning's crimes were that they individually sought to liberate the information our government didn't want us to see. This government is just creating martyrs. And history shows us that martyrs have a way of catalyzing change.
DJ Pangburn

The Great American Hack: David Foster Wallace and Aaron Swartz

I just finished 'Infinite Jest.' Like anyone who's spent months reading a 1,008-page book, particularly this one, I'm at a loss. It's sprawling, and by this point, all the important details from the novel's opening pages are teetering on the foggy...
Claire Evans

Aaron Swartz's Tragic Battle with Copyright

Aaron H. Swartz, one of our most vigorous champions of open access and copyright reform, committed suicide in New York City on Friday at the age of 26. He was a pioneer and a renegade, part of the team that built Reddit as well as the widely-used RSS...
Leandro Oliva and Adam Clark Estes