Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi


Tentative Ceasefire Begins in Yemen Amid Threats and Fighting

Both sides said they are committed to the ceasefire despite deadly fighting in the hours leading up to it and mutual threats of retaliation if it is violated.


17 Soldiers Captured and Executed by al-Qaeda 'Gang' in Yemen

The soldiers had been visiting family in Aden and were returning to their base when they were kidnapped and killed by firing squad by suspected al-Qaeda militants.


The Saudi Coalition Has Just Made a Big Prisoner Swap in Yemen

Ahead of a planned truce and peace talks aimed at ending the year-long war with Houthi rebels in Yemen, the Saudi-led military coalition has completed an exchange involving over 100 people.


Looking Back at a Year of Bloodshed in Yemen

One year after the beginning of the Saudi military campaign in the country, our correspondents recall the destruction and horror they witnessed firsthand.


The Islamic State Just Rocked Yemen with Suicide Car Bombs

Three separate blasts, at least two of them resulting from car bombs, struck military checkpoints in the port city of Aden, reportedly killing upwards of 20 people.


Al Qaeda Has Seized Another City and Now Controls a Swath of Southern Yemen

Dozens of al Qaeda fighters have taken control of Ahwar, a strategic coastal city in Yemen that links two areas already seized by the militant group.


This Was the Year Yemen Was Destroyed

Nine months of fighting and indiscriminate shelling between Houthi rebels and a Saudi-led coalition has leveled public infrastructure, killed more than 2,700 civilians, and left the Arab nation on the brink of collapse.


Yemen Peace Talks Continue Despite Reports of Heavy Fighting Near Saudi Border

The fragile ceasefire in Yemen has apparently been shattered, but representatives from both sides of the conflict still met in Switzerland on Saturday for a fifth day of peace talks.


Videos Show Attacks on Aden Hotel Housing Yemeni Government

The Qasr hotel has been the base of the government of Yemeni President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi since its return from exile in Riyadh over recent weeks and the expulsion of Houthi fighters in July.


Islamic State Suicide Bomber in Woman's Dress Blows Up Mosque in Yemen

Local media reports that at least 25 people were killed after they gathered to celebrate the Muslim Eid al-Adha holiday, which began today.


Houthi TV Channel Shows Alleged Saudi Soldier Captured in Yemen

The Houthi-controlled television channel al Masirah broadcast a heavily edited clip of someone who was represented to be one of several Saudi soldiers captured during fighting.


Qatar Sends 1,000 Ground Troops to Yemen in First Deployment

Qatari pilots have joined months of Saudi-led air strikes on the Houthis, an Iran-allied group that seized Sanaa last year, but this would be the first ground involvement by the Gulf state.