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Islamic State Claims Car Bomb Attack That Killed Governor of Aden in Yemen

A suicide bomber reportedly rammed his vehicle into a convoy, killing the governor of the key Yemeni port city and at least six members of his entourage.
Reuters News Agency

The UN Says US Drone Strikes in Yemen Have Killed More Civilians Than al Qaeda

A new report found that US drone strikes have killed as many as 40 Yemeni civilians over the past year, compared to 24 civilians killed in al Qaeda attacks.
Samuel Oakford
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Airstrike Hits Indian Fuel Smugglers Trying to Sneak Past Blockade of Yemen

At least 20 Indian nationals were reportedly killed on Tuesday while trying to smuggle fuel from Djibouti past the Saudi-led blockade of Yemen.
Samuel Oakford
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Saudi-led Coalition Announces Ceasefire in Yemen Shortly After Airstrike Kills 80

A five-day pause in fighting scheduled to begin late Sunday night will be Yemen’s second attempt at a ceasefire this month.
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Somebody Isn't Telling the Truth About the 'Pause' in Yemen Fighting

Different sides are telling different stories about who said what about a supposed humanitarian 'pause' in fighting that so far has been anything but.
Samuel Oakford
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Everyone Is Ignoring the Ceasefire in Yemen

The Saudi-led coalition, Houthi rebels, and other armed groups have all seemingly ignored a UN-brokered humanitarian pause that was supposed to start Friday.
Samuel Oakford
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Yemen's Humanitarian Crisis Is a 'Catastrophe' as Civilians Bear the Brunt

The ongoing humanitarian crisis in Yemen took a deadly turn for the worse this week, with reports indicating that 200 people were killed on Monday alone.
Samuel Oakford

Welcome to Yemen, Where War Has Turned Cities Into a Living Hell

VICE News witnessed destruction on the streets of Sanaa, and spoke with Yemeni citizens struggling to survive amid shortages of water, fuel, and other basic supplies.
Ahlam Mohsen and Peter Salisbury
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Saudi Airstrikes in Yemen Haven't Stopped — They've Just Reached Halftime

In announcing the end of Operation Decisive Storm and start of Operation Restore Hope this week, the Saudis signaled a change in game plan — not an end to the fighting.
Ryan Faith
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UN Security Council Hits Yemen's Houthis with Arms Embargo and Sanctions

The UN resolution calls on the Houthis to immediately lay down their arms and withdraw from areas that they have seized, but it is doubtful that they will do so.
Samuel Oakford
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Thousands of Protesters Clash With Houthi Rebels After Takeover of Key Yemeni City

Protesters were reportedly beaten back with batons and Houthi rebels fired live ammunition into the air after they seized control of Taiz, Yemen’s third-largest city.
Gillian Mohney
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Yemen’s Proposed Rehabilitation Center Isn’t Making Much Progress

Although President Obama has made assurances that Yemen is the model for counterterrorism success, an initiative to build a rehabilitation center to house repatriated Guantánamo detainees from that country is showing little progress.
John Knefel