Abdel Fattah el-Sisi


Sisi Is Already Trying to Crush Those Anti-Government Protests in Egypt

The latest wave of protests can be linked back to ex-army contractor Mohamed Ali, who has alleged corruption at the highest levels of the Egyptian government and military.


Egypt's Journalists Have Launched a Fightback Against Government Repression

The arrest of two journalists has prompted an anti-government backlash amongst Egyptian press, in perhaps the most striking of a number of recent challenges to President Sisi's hold on power.


Medical Workers Violate Egyptian Protest Ban After Police Brutally Beat Doctors

A month after two Egyptian doctors were beaten by police officers, the country's powerful Doctors' Syndicate is making a public push for police accountability.


European Companies Sold Spy Tech to a Secret Egyptian Intelligence Unit Amid Brutal Repression

Little is known about the so-called Technical Research Department, a shadowy Egyptian intelligence unit reporting directly to the president. But we do know European companies did business with it.


Egypt Cracks Down Hard to Prevent Protests on Anniversary of 2011 Revolution

Egyptian security forces have conducted raids, clamped down on social media, and blocked roads to Tahrir Square ahead of the fifth anniversary of the revolution on January 25.


Islamic State vs. Revolutionary Punishment: Terror Groups Vie to Claim Egypt Bombing

After a bomb blast ripped apart an apartment building in Giza outside of Cairo, the government was quick to blame the Muslim Brotherhood, but both the Islamic State and a militant group called Revolutionary Punishment claimed responsibility.


The UK is Rolling Out the Red Carpet for Egypt's President Sisi — And Some Egyptians Are Pissed

British Prime Minister David Cameron will welcome the Egyptian president to Britain, with a face-to-face meeting planned for Thursday morning.


Mohamed Fahmy Is Back in Canada — And Lashing Out at PM Stephen Harper

After nearly two years in an Egyptian prison, former Al-Jazeera journalist Mohamed Fahmy says he felt “betrayed and abandoned” when he realized Harper was not doing everything in his power to get him out.