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Afghan Taliban Selects an Islamic Scholar to Succeed Leader Killed in US Drone Strike

The Taliban's leadership council chose former deputy Haibatullah Akhundzada as the new head of the group on Wednesday, replacing Mullah Akhtar Mansour just days after he was killed.
VICE News and Reuters
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Three Rockets Hit Kabul During Surprise Visit by US Secretary of State John Kerry

Kerry dropped in on Afghanistan to show support for a government that has faltered in the face of a weak economy, political infighting, and the Taliban insurgency.
Tess Owen
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The Pentagon Keeps Changing Its Story About the Hospital it Bombed in Afghanistan

The general in charge of coalition forces in Afghanistan once again tweaked the US version of events when he testified before the Senate Armed Forces Committee on Tuesday.
Avi Asher-Schapiro

Ghani Goes to Washington: Stakes Are High on Afghan President’s First US Visit

Ashraf Ghani makes his first trip to Washington as Afghanistan’s president today, and he will likely seek assurances that the US won't pull out its men and money too quickly as fighting season approaches in his country.
Alice Speri
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Britain's Last Troops Leave Afghanistan After 13 Years of Fighting

It’s not clear who will fill the vacuum left by the Brits and Yanks after more than a decade of fighting that began as a response to the 9/11 terror attacks.
John Dyer
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US Troops to Stay in Afghanistan After Security Deal Inked

President Ashraf Ghani signed a pact that allows roughly 10,000 American personnel to remain in the country, avoiding a complete withdrawal that was set to happen in December.
John Beck
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One President, Two Leaders: Afghanistan's New Powerbrokers Make Good

Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah signed a US-brokered power-sharing deal that attempts to quell months of political turbulence following a disputed election.
Liz Fields

Assassination of Afghan President's Cousin Leaves Power Vacuum and a Difficult Legacy

Hashmat Khalil Karzai was killed by a suicide bomber on Tuesday. The demise of a controversial figure poses many questions for Afghanistan.
Ali M Latifi
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US Aims for Afghanistan Elections Are a Whole Lot Different Than They Used to Be

If the US-brokered deal to resolve the Afghan election impasse works, it could give Afghans exactly what they want — less US influence.
Gary Owen

Agreement Reached for Unprecedented Audit in Afghanistan Election

Secretary of State John Kerry brokered an agreement whereby the results of the recent Afghan election would be audited.
Ali M Latifi

US and UN Attempt to End Afghanistan's Dangerous Political Deadlock

US Secretary of State John Kerry touched down in Afghanistan today to try and resolve a crisis that threatens the country's future.
John Beck

The Next Afghan President May Be Decided By the Current Afghan President

President Hamid Karzai may capitalize on Afghanistan's current election controversy to ensure he wields power long after he leaves office.
Ali M Latifi