Aboriginal Rights

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DNA Tests Prove Aboriginal Australians Are the World's Oldest-Living Culture

The genetic study helps show that the ancestors of today's aboriginals came here about 58,000 years ago.
Katherine Gillespie

​I Have a First Nations Background and Didn't Think 'Kimmy Schmidt' Was Racist

Does this make me a bad person, a secret racist, or something even worse?
Jordan Foisy
VICE Australia

Barred Calls: On the Line with the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service

We spend a night shift with the woman responsible for checking in on every single Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander taken into custody within Victoria and Tasmania.
VICE Australia

Beyond the Bars

This radio show has been giving Indigenous prisoners their only opportunity to participate in NAIDOC Week since 2002.
Jack Callil & Sam West

Did the AHC Walk Away From a Deal to Fund Indigenous Housing on The Block?

This week's Supreme Court case revealed the Aboriginal Housing Company refused to sign a memorandum that would have guaranteed government backing for the construction of affordable Indigenous housing.
Jed Smith

Secret History: 'The Secret River' Holds Tough Truths for Australia

A two-part television series that concluded on the ABC last night took some tentative steps towards lifting the lid of Australia's shameful past.
Chris Munro

A New Report Revealed Just How Horrific Canada's Aboriginal Residential Schools Were

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission challenges readers to see how non-Aboriginal Canadians benefited from 120 years of residential school policy.
Mayana C. Slobodian
VICE Australia

Watch: Melbourne Protests Against Forced Aboriginal Community Closures

VICE Australia took our cameras down to speak to the people involved and hear what they had to say.
VICE Australia

The Heiltsuk Nation Is Occupying a Government Office to Stop Commercial Herring Fishing in British Columbia

Chief Marilyn Slett has declared that if the feds don't have the authority to shut down commercial herring fisheries, the Heiltsuk Nation would.
Sarah Berman

Redfern's Tent Embassy Is Ready to Fight for the Block

Indigenous leaders in Sydney have called on all Australians, white and black, to rally around around the tent embassy situated at the iconic Redfern housing project.
Jed Smith

Two Kids Died in a House Fire on a First Nations Reserve as Canadian Firefighters Stayed Put Over an Unpaid Bill

The deaths of two kids over an unpaid bill highlights the horrible state of fire prevention on Canada's reserves.
Geraldine Malone

A Royal Canadian Mounted Police Report Said Anti-Oil Activists Were National Security Threats

We spoke to some environmental and aboriginal activists to see if they were worried about a coming crackdown.
Michael Toledano