Abortion Ban

Abortion Ban

Mississippi Is 'Gaslighting' Women with Its Abortion Ban, Says Federal Judge

A federal judge struck down a Mississippi law banning abortion after 15 weeks, writing in his decision that the state's supposed concern for women's health is a sham.
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Pro-Choice Activists Scored a Huge Victory After Failed Senate Abortion Vote

The Senate has voted down a bill aimed at banning abortions after 20 weeks.
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Court Blocks Texas Law That Would Effectively Ban Abortion After 12 Weeks

Under SB 8, doctors would only be able to perform the safest and most common method of terminating pregnancies in the second trimester if the fetus' heart has already stopped—meaning they'd have to inject women with untested drugs, advocates say.
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Teen Rape Victim Sentenced to 30 Years for Stillbirth in El Salvador

After being raped by a gang member, Evelyn Beatriz Hernandez Cruz experienced a stillbirth. This week, she was convicted of homicide on the grounds that she had failed to get proper antenatal care.
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Republican Politician Says Women Should Be Forced to Carry Dead Fetuses to Term

During a hearing for a 20-week abortion ban proposed in the Iowa legislature, Rep. Shannon Lundgren made it clear that "this bill wasn't written [with] the intent to protect" women.
Gabby Bess
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Kasich Vetoed Ohio's 'Heartbeat' Bill but Still Made Abortion Illegal After 20 Weeks

The Ohio governor opted for the less restrictive of the two abortion measures on his desk Tuesday, rejecting the bill that would have outlawed abortion after roughly six weeks into a woman's pregnancy.
Lauren Messman

Forgiving Christian Group in Florida Wants Abortion to Be Punishable by Death

Abolish Abortion Florida, an evangelical group "seeking to respond rightly to child sacrifice," wants to prosecute abortion providers and women who choose to terminate their pregnancies for murder.
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Thousands Protested a Proposed Abortion Ban in Poland by Waving Coat Hangers

Karol Grygoruk, Words: Maciek Piasecki