abortion bans

abortion bans

No U.S. Court Has Upheld Laws That Would Essentially Ban Second-Trimester Abortions. Until Now.

Oklahoma's D&E ban has been blocked since 2015. Similar laws have also been blocked in states like Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky and Texas.
Carter Sherman
Abortion funding

Abortion Groups Are Raising Record Amounts Since Alabama’s Ban

“People are finally seeing that this is a real, real threat”
Carter Sherman

Pramila Jayapal Tells Her Abortion Story for the First Time

The congresswoman felt she had to speak out after the abortion bans in several states that "strip choice and constitutional rights away from pregnant people"
Carter Sherman

Louisiana’s Democratic Governor Just Signed One of the Strictest Abortion Bans into Law

It's the fifth state to pass a "fetal heartbeat" ban — following Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi and Ohio.
Emma Ockerman

Eight States Will Immediately Ban Abortion If Roe v. Wade Is Overturned [Updated]

"Trigger laws" used to be rare—but in the last few months alone, they've doubled in number.
Marie Solis

Missouri's Senate Just Passed Near-Total Abortion Ban with No Exception for Rape or Incest

So far this session, 14 bills that ban abortion in some way have been enacted.
Carter Sherman

There's Always a New, More Extreme Abortion Ban Around the Corner

This week, Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant signed a 15-week abortion ban into law. It's been called the "most restrictive in the nation"—but other states are already in the process of passing even harsher restrictions.
Robin Marty

How Europeans Are Protesting Their Countries' Harsh Anti-Abortion Laws

In Poland, terminations are about to be made illegal in almost all circumstances. We met the protestors taking a stand in London this weekend.
Mary McGill; photos by Jake Lewis
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Alabama Lawmakers Want to Treat Abortion Clinics Like Sex Offenders

The bill's sponsor compared abortion clinics to pedophiles and liquor stores, and wants them far away from kids.
Helen Donahue