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A Judge Just Saved Missouri's Last Abortion Clinic — for Now

Missouri was hours away from becoming the first state in decades without a functioning facility.
Emma Ockerman

Imprisoning Women and Not Covering Birth Control Are Now on the Table in the Abortion Fight

Anti-abortion legislators are no longer just trying to chip away at Roe. They’re going after it with an ax.
Carter Sherman
Abortion Rights

An aborted fetus in Alabama just got the right to sue the abortion clinic

It’s the first time in the country that an aborted fetus has been recognized as having legal rights
Carter Sherman

What It's Like to Have an Illegal Abortion

It's a crime to have an abortion in Poland, so what do you do when an unwanted pregnancy could ruin your life?
Izabela Szumen
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Alabama Lawmakers Want to Treat Abortion Clinics Like Sex Offenders

The bill's sponsor compared abortion clinics to pedophiles and liquor stores, and wants them far away from kids.
Helen Donahue

Pro-Choice Groups Are Pushing US Authorities to Treat Anti-Abortion Attacks as Terrorism

Some abortion rights groups are asking the Justice Department to consider attacks on Planned Parenthood as domestic terrorism, but the consequences might be more harmful than helpful.
Colleen Curry

A Pregnant Pause As SCOTUS Considers Texas Abortion Case

Women anxiously waiting at a Houston abortion clinic this week, hoping the clinic wouldn't be forced to close before they could end their pregnancies.
Sydney Lupkin

This Pregnant Londoner Just Told Off a Crowd of Pro-Life Protesters

They were harassing visitors to an abortion clinic.
Joel Golby

Katha Pollitt Is Trying to Remove the Stigma of Abortion

"It's part of reproductive life and I think that we need to say that and stop saying it's the most agonizing decision a woman ever makes. Sometimes it is an agonizing decision, but a lot of times it's not."
Simon Davis