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Iowa lawmakers want to use their latest abortion ban to overturn Roe v. Wade

Iowa is on its way to turning one of the most severe restrictions on abortion in the country into law.
Carter Sherman
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Oklahoma's State Supreme Court Struck Down Another Abortion Law

SB 642 proposed a few different abortion provisions, which violated the state's requirement that all laws focus on one single item and left the court with an "all-or-nothing" decision.
Lauren Messman

How Much Can One-Off Protests Change People's Minds About Abortion?

Or, to put it another way, can live-tweeting a trip to England to have a legal abortion become a feasible form of protest?
Sally Hayden

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Biden says Sanders will endorse Clinton, Turkish police discover an ISIS cell in Istanbul, the Taiwanese navy accidentally fired a supersonic missile toward China, and more in today's Morning Bulletin.
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This morning, Elizabeth Warren is being vetted as Clinton's vice presidential pick, the Supreme Court has struck down a Texan anti-abortion law, UK Prime Minister David Cameron heads to Europe to discuss Brexit, and more.
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The FDA Just Made It a Lot Easier to Get an Abortion

The updated FDA label for the abortion pill Mifeprex requires fewer doctors visits, provides a lower dosage, and gives women more time to use the pill.
Helen Donahue

How Texas Made It Impossible for Undocumented Immigrants to Get Abortions

A combination of photo ID requirements and the closure of clinics has many undocumented immigrants in Texas resorting to DIY abortions, advocates say.
Meredith Hoffman

What a New Sex Ed Law in the Philippines Says About the Catholic Church's Global Fight Against Abortion

While filming Year of Mercy, our new documentary about the underground abortion trade in the Philippines, it became increasingly clear that Catholicism is at a crossroads.
Joanna Fuertes Knight

What We Know About the Charges Against the Pro-Life Hidden Camera Activists

A grand jury in Texas cleared Planned Parenthood of any wrongdoing related to the disposal of fetal tissue, and instead indicted the organization's undercover accusers.
Mike Pearl

Indiana Sent a Woman Who Claims She Had a Miscarriage to Prison for 20 Years for Killing Her Fetus

Advocates say the case of Purvi Patel sets a dangerous precedent for American women who seek support and medical care for unwanted pregnancies and miscarriages.
Liz Fields

At Home With Three Young Anti-Abortion Protesters

We generally notice them huddled outside abortion clinics holding signs and images of aborted foetuses, but is there more to the story?
Laura Apelt

This Pregnant Londoner Just Told Off a Crowd of Pro-Life Protesters

They were harassing visitors to an abortion clinic.
Joel Golby