Abortion Rights

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Planned Parenthood May Lose Tens of Millions in Funding on Monday Thanks to the Trump Administration

The organization will be forced to leave the only federal program dedicated to family planning.
Carter Sherman
3 days ago
reproductive rights

Anti-Abortion Lawmakers Want to Create 'Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn'

Multiple cities have introduced ordinances banning abortion—but they can't be enforced.
Marie Solis
abortion bans

No U.S. Court Has Upheld Laws That Would Essentially Ban Second-Trimester Abortions. Until Now.

Oklahoma's D&E ban has been blocked since 2015. Similar laws have also been blocked in states like Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky and Texas.
Carter Sherman
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Women Tell Us Why They Had Abortions in the Second Trimester

"There are so many women who have wanted pregnancies — desperately wanted pregnancies, that have to make really hard decisions.”
Simone Perez
Abortion Rights

Blue States Are Finally Worried About Abortion — And They're Doing Something About It

While conservative legislators have spent the year passing abortion restrictions, progressive legislators are moving to protect the right.
Carter Sherman
Abortion Rights

The Supreme Court Won’t Bring Back an Alabama Abortion Ban

It’s a signal that the justices won’t leap at just any chance to carve away at Roe v. Wade
Carter Sherman
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The Last Abortion Clinic in Missouri Could Be Closed By the End of the Week

“The terrifying reality is that access is hanging on by a thread with a narrowing timeline.”
Carter Sherman
reproductive rights

Anti-vaxxers Stole 'My Body, My Choice' from the Abortion Movement

The problem is, deciding whether or not to vaccinate isn’t a personal choice—it’s a matter of public health.
Marie Solis
reproductive rights

Neighboring States Are Bracing for an Influx of Missouri Abortion Patients

More than half of Illinois-based Hope Clinic's patients come from Missouri—a number that's only rising amid threats to the state's last abortion provider.
Marie Solis
Abortion Rights

So-Called "Heartbeat Bills" Are a Lie, and Doctors Want You to Stop Calling Them That

The science behind laws banning abortion after a fetal "heartbeat" is detected is inaccurate.
Emma Ockerman
VICE News Tonight on HBO

This Democrat Is Backing Louisiana's Attack on Abortion

Katrina Jackson is the anti-abortion movement’s messaging unicorn.
Valerie Kipnis
Shawna Thomas

Eight States Will Immediately Ban Abortion If Roe v. Wade Is Overturned [Updated]

"Trigger laws" used to be rare—but in the last few months alone, they've doubled in number.
Marie Solis