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An Abstinence-Only Advocate Has the Final Say on Who Gets Family Planning Grants

A single person controls the nation's Title X family planning budget for the first time since the 80s​.
Susan Rinkunas
The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast

How the Trump Administration Is Quietly Attacking Birth Control

We talk about the how the current administration is changing Title X, the only federal fund for family planning, on 'The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast.'
VICE Staff
the anti-science presidency

Trump’s Family Planning Program Will Prioritize Less Effective Kinds of Birth Control

Dramatic changes in the guidelines for Title X family planning grants could affect the types of birth control women have access to.
Susan Rinkunas
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Trump's Embrace of Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Is a Threat to Your Health

Instead of learning safer sex practices, students are simply taught to keep it in their pants.
Justin Lehmiller, PhD
Unscrewing Ourselves

Only 13 States Require Sex Ed to Be Medically Accurate

And half the country is pushing abstinence-only, which, STD rates have shown us, is not exactly effective.
Letizia Adams
Fighting Words

This Sex Educator Was Not Allowed to Say 'Clitoris' in the Classroom

Others were barred from: "abortion," "LGBTQ," and using a diagram of female anatomy.
Diana Spechler
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Huh, Another Study Says Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Doesn’t Work

Scientists and public health experts continue to rack up evidence that this kind of education is failing young people.
Kaleigh Rogers

These Are the States With the Worst Sex Ed

From abstinence only and straight-up lies to nothing at all.
Letizia Adams