abstract sculpture


Twisted Wooden Sculptures Contort Timber into Bonelike Forms

German artist Wolfgang Flad’s solo show at Reinhard Hauff fuses wood refuse and paper-mâché to make nature’s wildest forms.


Soft Mirror Sculptures Expose Human Life 'b 4' Life

b 4 u, Charles Long’s ongoing solo exhibition at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery uses reflective artifices to explore what comes before life.


Monstrous Little Balls of Flesh Become Gruesome Sculptures

This series of fleshy and freakish abstract sculptures illustrate the wonder and terror of the human body.


Matthew Ritchie Transforms Data Into Beautiful Abstract Art

We spoke to artist Matthew Ritchie about "Ten Possible Links", his new solo-show at Andrea Rosen Gallery.


A Kick To The Chest Gets Frozen As A 3D-Printed Motion Sculpture

Artist Eyal Gever, known for creating other 3D simulations of high-impact collisions, used 3D video capturing to preserve "states where rest and motion exist together."