abuse of power


On Turning Racist White People into Memes to Cope with Collective Trauma

While names like #BBQBecky and #PoolsidePete are catchy (and funny), many believe the terms for white people weaponizing 911 calls against Black people in blatantly innocuous situations is a form of dealing with pain.


Abuse of Power Can Happen at Any Age

On Sunday, Hillary Clinton said because Monica Lewinsky "was an adult," Bill Clinton did not abuse his power over her. Experts say that abuses of power can happen at any age.


The South African Sex Workers Fighting Abusive Police

In South Africa, assaults are rarely reported to the authorities because sex workers know if they ask for help they will be ignored or even punished, especially if the perpetrators are police officers.


The Inexcusable Failings of Britain’s Worst Police Force

After multiple clashes with civilians—alongside many other allegations of wrongdoing—there have been calls for the police force in South Yorkshire, England to be completely disbanded. Here's how it got to that point.


San Francisco Sheriff's Deputies Accused of Forcing Jailed Inmates to Participate in 'Fight Club'

Three deputies stand accused of forcing inmates to fight, gamble, and exercise under threat of physical punishment.


Holtzclaw Conviction Sheds Light on Prevalence of Police Sexual Abuse While on Duty

The conviction of the former Oklahoma cop on on rape charges came as a report found that thousands of law enforcement officials across the country have lost their licenses for rape, sexual assault, and sexual misconduct.


Only One London Cop Has Been Fired for Sexual Assault in Nine Years, Despite 459 Complaints

Data obtained under the Freedom of Information Act poses questions about the way the city's Metropolitan Police investigates its own abuses of power.


How My Hometown Mayor's Abuse of Power Became a National Joke

When Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis had the cops raid my friend's house for some Twitter jokes, he ruined the city's reputation and sent my friend's life spinning in a new direction.


Thai Court Ousts Prime Minister Over Abuse of Power

Many fear that the ouster of Yingluck Shinawatra will be the final spark that sends the country into civil war.