The Small But Important Change 'Celeste' Made to Its Celebrated Assist Mode

When someone pointed out the game's description "felt othering," the developer not only listened, but made them part of the creative process.


We've Always Made Our Own Easy Modes. 'Sekiro' Is No Exception

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NYC's Inaccessible Subway System Is a Reproductive Rights Issue

Malaysia Goodson fell to her death while carrying her child and a stroller on a subway staircase on Monday. Some advocates believe her death is an example of why access to public transportation is a reproductive right.


This User-Friendly Menstrual Cup Is What Happens When Design Is Inclusive

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“Colorblindly” is an app that helps designers make their websites more accessible.


These Students Designed Functional and Stylish Clothes for Disabled Seniors

Open Style Lab's summer program at Parsons School of Design pairs engineers, designers, and therapists with a person with a disability to make accessible clothing, tech, and wearables. We took a look at this year's showcase.


Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aimé on Accessibility, What's Next, and, Uh, Waluigi

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Why EA Sports Started Taking Accessibility Seriously

An informal game jam from 2014 kicked off a series of events that ended up with the studio hiring its first in-house accessibility lead.


Augmented Reality App Can Translate Sign Language Into Spoken English, and Vice Versa

Students at New York University have created a working prototype of an app that uses machine learning and augmented reality to enable hearing people to understand sign language, and turns spoken words into sign language for the deaf.


More Sex Toy Companies Should Be Catering to People With Disabilities

Not consulting disabled people when designing toys isn’t just ignorant, it’s also forsaking revenue.