The MUNCHIES Guide to New York Pizza

Here are all the reasons—from the cheese to "the fold" to the dollar slice—why our pizza is better than yours. Behold our perfect pies.
Munchies Staff
New York

Spending an Entire Night in a NYC Pizza Spot Will Show You Every Side of Humanity

"Every night crazy people," Sal warned me. "We get the most."
Hilary Pollack

Confessions of a New York City Food Delivery Guy

I spend all hours of the day and night accepting your requests for someone to pick up your delicious food and bring it to your doorstep. This is what it's like up until the moment you get it.
Christophe Parault
New York

Fear and Loathing in New York's Ten Best Ramen Shops

Eating a bowl of pork fat and noodles for ten meals in a row is less satisfying than it sounds—even when it means visiting all of New York's most obsessed-over ramen shops, from Momofuku to Ivan.
Lisa Abend
washington dc

A Suburban Gas Station Serves Some of DC's Best Korean Food

Seoul Food in Wheaton, MD just might be the only place in America where you can eat kimchi chili and vegan bibimbap while you're filling up your tank.
Ananya Bhattacharyya
Organized Crime

The Dark Side of the Pie: Heroin, Mob Cheese, and New York Pizza

We spoke to experts on pizza and organized crime about the historical overlap between crime and America's favorite food.
Nick Rose

This Man Ate Every Slice of Pizza in Manhattan

We spoke to Colin Hagendorf, a.k.a. Slice Harvester, who has rated every pizzeria in Manhattan on a scale from 1 to 8 based on the quality of their plain cheese pie.
Meredith Graves
Action Bronson

Action Bronson's New York Restaurant Guide

Here's a quick rundown of some of Mr. Wonderful's essentials when it comes to eating in New York—from ice cream sundaes to bone marrow bread pudding.
Munchies Staff
munchies city guide

These Are the 19 Best Dive Bars in New York

This list contains the (future) greatest nights of your life that you won't remember.
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city guides

The Best Cocktail Bars in New York City

We all love our mediocre gin and tonics from the nearest dive bars, but sometimes you just need a classy, stiff drink.
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City Guide

These Are New York’s Best Coffee Shops to Get Your Caffeine High

In North Brooklyn you can't throw a hipster without hitting a recently opened coffee shop. But how do you know which cafes are the best? That's what we're here for.
Munchies Staff
New York

These Are the 16 Best Pizza Spots in New York City

From Di Fara to Roberta's, here's our list of New York's greatest pies and slices—because hot, cheesy pizza is what fuels the city that never sleeps.
Munchies Staff