college admissions scandal

Felicity Huffman and 13 others plead guilty in college admissions scandal

"Operation Varsity Blues” has ensnared 50 people.
Emma Ockerman
college admissions

Lawsuit Claims the ACT Sells Students’ Disability Data to Colleges

They claim that the personal data sold could sway colleges’ admission and financial aid decisions.
Samantha Cole

Facebook Hosts Anti-Muslim Groups Despite Zuckerberg Telling Congress the Platform Doesn't Tolerate Hate

Mark Zuckerberg told Congress that Facebook does not allow hate groups on its platform, but the company still hosts anti-Muslim groups.
Matthew Gault

How a Referendum Vote in Maine Will Affect the Health Care of Thousands

This November has big implications for the state's health care future.
Kimberley Richards
mental health

ACT Is a Little-Known, Fast Treatment for Depression

Some psychologists believe that accepting your negative thoughts can help them pass faster.
Meryl Davids Landau
death and taxes

This Bill Would Finally Let You Make Cryptocurrency Purchases Without Paying Capital Gains Taxes

Because you're totally doing that, right?
Jordan Pearson
Impact Water

Beneath California's Waters, Marine Life Flourishes on Old Oil Rigs

Two So-Cal scientists/divers are going deep to protect fragile underwater ecosystems with Rigs-to-Reefs.
Nick Chedli Carter
Call To Action

Tell Your Mayor to Support 100 Percent Clean Energy

Mayors and #ReadyFor100 are doubling down on clean energy nationwide.
Impact Staff

The ACT Wants Australia’s First Permanent Domestic Violence Court and Magistrate

Supporters hope victims will feel more confident to move forward with domestic violence cases and press charges if they know the person hearing their case is experienced.
Wendy Syfret

Australian Officials Say that Teachers Should Eat Burritos but Not Drink Coffee

A new set of Australian guidelines for food in schools has some scratching their heads over the demonization of coffee and promotion of bagels and pancakes.
Hilary Pollack

What We Learned About Australians By Looking At Their Weird Google Searches

The bad news is this country is fucked. The good news is all the stereotypes you hang your whole sense of humour on are pretty much true.
VICE Australia
Music Video Premieres

The Wives of Canberra

The buzzy band from the ACT has a new name, a new song and a new video.
Noisey Staff