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Here Are the Artists that Made The Museum of Pizza More Than a Selfie Stop

There's a legitimate art gallery in the middle of New York's latest trendy selfie center.
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Macauley Culkin Gets Crucified in Father John Misty’s Sacri-licious New Music Video

The Adam Green-directed "Total Entertainment Forever" is a psychedelic bricolage extravaganza of Viagra, virtual reality, and irreverence.
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Regina Spektor on Motherhood, Grief, and Growing Up

It's been four years since her last LP, but the Moscow-born, NYC-based singer's been anything but idle.
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Watch Adam Green Traipse Across the World in His Video for "Me From Far Away"

Green is in the midst of a concert and movie combo tour all over the world and this video is a taster of the surreal trip you could also take part in. Go! Wear costumes! Be dumb!
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Adam Green Collaborates with Mich Dulce to Create Aladdin-inspired Hat Collection

Hot on the heels of his papier-mâché movie masterpiece, 'Adam Green's Aladdin,' comes Green's très chic hat line. You can get 'em with this Noisey code for 40 percent off.
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Adam Green's Psychedelic 'Aladdin' Is a Handmade Labor of Love

An exclusive look at how a group of friends and lovers, including Macaulay Culkin, Alia Shawkat, Zoe Kravitz, and Natasha Lyonne, made the version of 'Aladdin' you never knew you needed.
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Behold! The Full Length Batshit Crazy Trailer of 'Adam Green's Aladdin'

The ultimate pop weirdo, Adam Green, has remade 'Aladdin' with papier-mâché boobs, Macaulay Culkin and a butt ton of your favorite artists, including Devendra and Andrew from MGMT.
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Watch the First Clip of Super Surreal Upcoming Movie 'Adam Green's Aladdin'

He's releasing a film, soundtrack, and art show, plus heading on tour. In Green's 'Aladdin' the lamp is a 3D printer and the planet gets a sex change. Then things get weird.
Kim Taylor Bennett

Toby Goodshank's Video for "Internet" is Weird in All the Right Ways

What happens online, never stays online.
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Adam Green Plans to Remake 'Aladdin'

After his ketamine opus 'The Wrong Ferrari,' Adam plans to reshoot 'Aladdin' in a world of papier mâché with costars Natasha Lyonne and Macaulay Culkin, and Maeby from 'Arrested Development.'
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Adam Green Plans to Remake 'Aladdin'

Though Adam Green is best known for his music, he's also a painter, sculptor, poet, and, as of recently, a filmmaker. He's one of those rare visionaries who hemorrhage genius. He is now embarking on a film project titled Adam Green's Aladdin</i...
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When Old, Out-of-Copyright Art Becomes Free Art

An interview with Adam Green, co-founder of the out-of-copyright art archive the Public Domain
Virginia W. Ricci