Adam Green's Aladdin


Watch Adam Green Traipse Across the World in His Video for "Me From Far Away"

Green is in the midst of a concert and movie combo tour all over the world and this video is a taster of the surreal trip you could also take part in. Go! Wear costumes! Be dumb!


Adam Green Collaborates with Mich Dulce to Create Aladdin-inspired Hat Collection

Hot on the heels of his papier-mâché movie masterpiece, 'Adam Green's Aladdin,' comes Green's très chic hat line. You can get 'em with this Noisey code for 40 percent off.


Adam Green's Psychedelic 'Aladdin' Is a Handmade Labor of Love

An exclusive look at how a group of friends and lovers, including Macaulay Culkin, Alia Shawkat, Zoe Kravitz, and Natasha Lyonne, made the version of 'Aladdin' you never knew you needed.


Behold! The Full Length Batshit Crazy Trailer of 'Adam Green's Aladdin'

The ultimate pop weirdo, Adam Green, has remade 'Aladdin' with papier-mâché boobs, Macaulay Culkin and a butt ton of your favorite artists, including Devendra and Andrew from MGMT.


Watch the First Clip of Super Surreal Upcoming Movie 'Adam Green's Aladdin'

He's releasing a film, soundtrack, and art show, plus heading on tour. In Green's 'Aladdin' the lamp is a 3D printer and the planet gets a sex change. Then things get weird.