Our Blessed Year

My Top Ten Addictions of 2018

From the internet to coconut La Croix to cancelling plans.
Eve Peyser
but it's a start

Safe Injection Sites Weren’t Enough to Spare Vancouver from the Opioid Epidemic

Vancouver took a harm reduction strategy early on, but there’s still more work to be done, according to Mayor Gregor Robertson.
Kaleigh Rogers
Crime & Drugs

Canada's biggest province won't pay for the most potent opioid prescriptions anymore

The move to strike high-potency opioids from the public drug benefit plan is the latest attempt by Ontario to get a grip on opioid-related overdoses and overdose deaths, which have skyrocketed in recent years.
Rachel Browne

Why We Were Addicted to Our Tamagotchis

They didn't do anything but poop, walk around, age, and die, but we treated those little pixelated pets like family.
Melissa Batchelor Warnke
Pen Pals

The Ex-Con Who Wants to Explain Prison to Kids

Anthony Curcio was football star in high school with a charmed life, but got addicted to pills so bad that he tried to rob an armored car through an elaborate heist. Five years later, he's out of prison and creating children's books.
Bert Burykill
Motherboard Blog

Anthony Weiner and the Problem with "Sex Addiction"

The trouble with the categories of "being really horny a lot" and having a true addiction.
Kelly Bourdet

I Sold My Used Panties for Heroin

I started using heroin when I was 16 years old. I had played with every other drug at my disposal, but noticed an affinity for opiates in tenth grade when a friend suffering from cancer gave me some morphine. Within one year, I was shooting up in the...
Yama Nushka